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How to make a mediacenter PC and record video from TV

It all started when a friend told me that he is building a router with a all-in-one motherboard with an Atom processor inside. I always wanted to build a computer in order to solve these problems: to be there for the entire family at any time, even if I am not at home my and Mihaela’s calendars are merged, common appointments are automatically added to both of us, remote access is possible direct access to the entire videos (all possible formats including ISOs and MKV), photos (all formats including ORF), music collection(many formats, including AAE) is possible. A prerequisite for this is have a mediacenter software which  simply works without patching it every week compiling weeks packages in order to hope to make it work and render all formats mentioned above and last but not least I can record cartoons from TV for my son without having to be in front of the TV! A prerequisite for this is Have a TV-Tuner (either internal or external via USB) which can receive the programs via cable or via satellite Have drivers for the operating system I have chosen Be able to control it from that operating system and mediacenter software So, these are my…

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Philips NetTV and FritzBox 72xx

I recently bought a new LCD TV from Philips : The 47″ PFL8404H/12 with NetTV. Philips 47 PFL 8404 H 119,4 cm (47 Zoll) Full-HD Ambilight LCD-Fernseher mit integriertem DVB-T / DVB-C Tuner schwarz Actually, I chose this TV because of two features it has: 1. The display : Full HD, 47″ , non reflective having the “Pixel Precise” feature 2. the Net TV: which means practically the you have an Internet connection in your TV set. I have the FritzBox! 7240 from AVM which is a goot DSL modem and router. The problem However, after installating the TV and connecting it to the Internet I noticed that it looses, apparently randomly the connection to the router. When connecting the old FritzBox 7170, everything worked as expected. The reason All FritzBoxes have a nice feature which tries to make the device eco friendly (aka “green”) by reducing the power consumption. So, it has some automatic detection if a LAN port is used or not. Philips 47 PFL 8404 H 119,4 cm (47 Zoll) Full-HD Ambilight LCD-Fernseher mit integriertem DVB-T / DVB-C Tuner schwarz The Solution After discussing with Heino, a colleague from Avira, he gave me an idea: what if…

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