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Goodbye, Hello (updated)

Until now, I used to publish several RSS Feeds to and from there to several social media networks like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Yahoo and Flickr. For quite some time now, TwitterFeed is no longer compatible with I’ve been quite patient and supportive with both and . I even created bugs for them at Still no result… Only “we know there is a problem, we are working on it.”. Well,guys, have fun ! Because I’m not having anymore. So, it is now time to say Goodbye to, and say Hello Hootsuite is able to publish on all social media networks above and also on Because I like to be able to control everything from one place, I will continue for now to use But, it is nice to know that there are alternatives. Follow me on Twitter –, LinkedIn –, Facebook –, Yahoo and Flickr – Update: has cancelled the free support and now they allow only paid support for those who have more than 3 feeds. I had to come back to twitterfeed which also officially removed the support for

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