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Security 101: December 2012

How safe is internet banking when I am using a smartphone to do it? I noticed several banks provided apps to do mobile internet banking and share trading but does it really work? Smartphones have much limited security functionality than desktops. However, they do share one weakness: they are both equally exposed to external attacks if they transmit non-encrypted data over non-encrypted Internet connections. So, it is not possible to give a general statement about how safe or unsafe the usage of an app really is. It depends mostly on the app itself. In general, an app that transfers highly confidential data must only work with encrypted data. It is also highly recommended that the connection to the network also be encrypted because even if the data is encrypted, the application could be theoretically vulnerable to a sophisticated man-in-the-middle attack. The best method is to check with the app developer if the data is transferred in a secure manner.     Why do some antivirus manufacturers change their software’s interface all the time when users are already familiar with it? Many antivirus manufacturers change their user interface (UI) based on the feedback they received from the marketplace and incorporate innovative and feasible changes that their customers have requested for. Some others change it regularly because this theoretically improves the acceptance…

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