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Let there be only one !

One Package Manager for them All The idea of one universal package format for all distributions has been batted around a few times over the years. Developers from RedHat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Mandriva and Mageia got together last week at the SUSE office in Nürnberg to discuss how they might implement a universal application installer they are referring to as an Application Store. This is in response to the belief that end users aren’t interested in libraries, dependencies, compatibility, and other technical details. They think users only care about screenshots, basic descriptions, ratings, user reviews, and such. The idea is to define and write a tool to find and install applications. I think this is the best news I have seen this year ! (maybe because the year has just started 🙂 ) No more apt, yast, yam and all other software managers and their repositories !!! This is the architecture of the new repository looks like: Architecture I will be following this with a big interest.

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