“UNSUBSCRIBE ME!” or how to subscribe to spam lists

If you got one of these emails, do not click the link in it or the button. It will try to send an email to those email addressed below. Of course, it can’t do that automatically, it will open an email with the subject “Unsubscribe me” and the To field prefilled with those email addresses. You would need to send it. Please don’t send it unless you want to receive even more spam ! Why? Because this way you confirm that you are human and actually read the emails . The domains do not work anymore because they used to be (almost all) registered with No-IP.com.       <div style=”MARGIN-BOTTOM: 30px; FONT-SIZE: 18px; font-weight: bold”>Please confirm your Unsubscribe</div> <div style=”margin-bottom: 20px”>To confirm your Unsubscribe, please <a style=”COLOR: #4cbad7; TEXT-DECORATION: none” href=”mailto:info@dropewell.com,contact@damianthorns.com,contact@contact.damnserver.com,contact@contact.blogsyte.com,support@support.ciscofreak.com, support@sandystorme.com,supports@hokkaido-gas.co.jp,supports@marutaka-pax.co.jp,contacts@fareastcafe.co.jp,contacts@summerface.jp, infos@ticket-reg.com?subject=Unsubscribe me” target=”_blank”> <b>click here</b></a> or on the link below.</div>  

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