URL Shorteners

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URL Shorteners – an exhaustive list

Let me know if I missed any. The list is sorted alphabetically. ad.ag bacn.me bit.ly br.st budurl.com cli.gs doiop.com dwarfURL.com fb.me goo.gl ht.ly idek.net is.gd k.im kno.li lnks.it lu.mu memurl.com moourl.com notlong.com ow.ly pigf.lu qls.me r2me.com readthisURL.com reg.cx shorl.com smal.ly sn.im snipurl.com su.pr surl.co.uk tiny.cc tinyurl.com tr.im traceurl.com twitpick.com u.nu url360.me urls.im urlTea.com weburl.me wp.me yourls.org youtu.be zi.ma

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