The Virus Bulletin Conference 2020 VBLocalhost is live and my video presentation is there

Here is the conference link: https://vblocalhost.com/conference/ You need to register first (free).   Here is my paper: One year later: challenges for young anti-malware products today I have to say that the VB team did a good job with the editing 🙂   I think I was too nice with Defender :))) What do you think ?   Here are some , more or less. funny facts about the session filmed: I did the recording in a one day, just before leaving on vacation. I needed more than 8 hours to do it I filmed myself 10 times, 8 of them from start to end a few times I made mistakes a few times my children made some noises once came the post once the cat started to meow so loud in front of my office door, that I had to stop The 8th attempt was the one you see there and it was taken in two parts.

My presentation “Challenges for young anti-malware products today” accepted at the Virus Bulletin 2019 Conference in London

I am happy to inform everybody that my presentation “Challenges for young anti-malware products today” was accepted at the Virus Bulletin 2019 Conference in London. This is the abstract: “There are two categories of anti-malware vendors: Established anti-malware vendors, who are preoccupied with getting the best scores in detection tests and capturing more market share. Emerging anti-malware vendors, who are trying to understand what they need to do in order to enter the market. This paper is about the second category of companies: those who are trying to enter the market either because they have identified a small market segment which they think they can serve, or simply because they’ve heard they can make some easy money. None of these emergent companies actually know what it takes to make a ‘real’ anti-virus product. They try to enter the market by creating some software that detects malware using a third-party scanning engine and soon realize that things are much more complicated than estimated: they face a multitude of problems they don’t understand and realize that there are more who want to see them fail than who are able and willing to help them. In this paper I will discuss some of…

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New entry in the TSC: Script in the middle

Thanks to Virus Bulletin, we have now a new entry in The Spammers’ Compendium: Script in the middle UO!Script in the Middle!JavaScript 14 October 2010 Description The email has an HTML document attached to it that contanis a for. Clicking submit will POST the user’s data to a website controlled by the crooks, which automatically and invisible redirects to a legitimate website. See also The Responsibility Transfer. The original article with all the juicy details can be found in Avira Techblog: http://techblog.avira.com/2010/09/08/phishing-getting-verified/en/

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