What’s New in Visual C++ 2010

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What’s New in Visual C++ 2010

What’s New in Visual C++ 2010 This topic introduces new and enhanced Visual C++ features in Visual Studio 2010. Amazon: Bestsellers Electronics and Photo Visual C++ Projects and the Build System MSBuild Visual C++ solutions and projects are now built by using MSBuild, which replaces VCBUILD.exe. MSBuild is the same flexible, extensible, XML-based build tool that is used by the other Visual Studio languages and project types. Consequently, Visual C++ project files now use an XML file format, and have the .vcxproj file name extension. Visual C++ project files from earlier versions of Visual Studio are automatically converted to the new file format. For more information, see MSBuild (Visual C++). VC++ Directories The VC++ Directories setting now resides in two places. Use project property pages to set per-project values for VC++ directories. Use the Property Manager and a property sheet to set global, per-configuration values for VC++ directories. Amazon: Bestsellers Electronics and Photo Project-to-Project Dependencies In earlier releases, you could define dependencies between projects that were stored in the solution file. When these solutions are converted to the new project file format, dependencies are converted to project-to-project references. This change can affect applications since the concepts of solution dependencies and…

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