Avira Free Mac Security – Update 3 released

 The Free Mac Security gets the Update 3 bringing performance improvements together with some stability improvements and additional features.

The update comes automatically via the standard product update and it doesn’t require a reboot.


Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 11.03.50  

Performance improvements

We know that the product had some performance issues when the Time Machine or another backup program was running.

The analysis allowed us to improve the overall performance of the system when backup programs like Dropbox, Avira Secure Backup and others run, but especially when the built-in Time Machine from Apple performs a backup.

During the backup, the product manages to intelligently avoid the intercepting of the file accesses produced by the backup programs.


Real-time protection Improvements

Due to several improvements in the scanning process, the on access scanning has been improved with about 5% when compared with the currently released version.

And this is just the beginning. Expect in the future versions to see even more such improvements.

The biggest advantage is seen when scanning either large files or when scanning complex documents (e.g.: embedded documents).


Apple Notification Center for Real-time notifications

Until now it, when the product detected some threats it blocked and quarantined them by default without visually reporting anything to the user. While this is enough for many users, we wanted to let the user know that the product is there and it protects continuously. In this version we included the Malware Detection Notification in the Apple Notification Center.

When the product protected you against a threat, you will see in the right side of the screen a notification like the one below:


If you click on the Notification Center, you see the list of events that were reported. The good part here is that the product doesn’t immediately report every single notification, so if you have multiple malware detected (like during a file copy operation) you will see only one event which contains multiple detections reported.




Help topics are now available via online help

In order to be able to help you better and faster with up to date information, we extended the help with an online help. But, don’t worry, if you are offline, you still get access to the offline help as before.


Along with these great additions, we performed a lot of improvements in:

–          Graphical User Interface stability

–          Quarantine management

–          Uninstallation procedure

–          Real-time detection

Are you convinced to give the product a try? Then download it from here.



Sorin Mustaca

Product manager, IT Security Expert



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