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Every minute invested in planning, saves you 10 in implementation

I have no idea who came with this statistic, but I can confirm that it is true !   The example below doesn’t want to explain how to search for strings nor how to use TDD, but to demonstrate that a bit of planning in advance can really speed things up!   I was in need of a way to search in a pretty complex data structure for a complicated string (letters, numbers, symbols), but not by doing an exact search. Instead I was looking like a search similar to how humans apply a “looks like” algorithm. So, I was trying to implement some heuristics.   Having TDD (Test Driven Development) in mind, I created a test program and I was planning to enhance the algorithm while I was feeding it with values. So, I immediately identified a few patterns that were rather trivial to implement and without thinking too much, I actually started to implement them.   How useless ! After more than 30 min of implementing, I started to scratch my head because I was identifying more and more cases that didn’t match those patterns. Needless to say, my TDD-like attempt failed miserably! (Yes, I know, TDD, is more complex than this)…

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Heise is offering IT Security consulting for free. But should you trust them?

        Heise created a portal for companies to assess their IT security. Details can be found here:  You don’t have to register to take part of the survey which assesses your company’s security. If you want anonymity, check this page. It is important to mention who sponsored the initiative: Sophos, Baramundi, GateProtect, Fortinet, Microsoft, Telekom and others. So, I think we can expect a not-so-independent opinion about your security standpoint. But, hey, it is better than nothing ! However, the first thing you see when you go to the page is this:   Come on Heise… you have good sponsors, do a proper testing. The funny thing is that the problem above occurs only when using Chrome and IE. Firefox doesn’t report anything strange with the certificate.  

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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month – Tips to improve your security

October is the Cybersecurity Awareness month. Awareness is the key to help others to not fall for the most scams. Here is a short list with tips to help you not fall prey to the online predators. A lot more like this is available in the free eBook: Improve your Security   ### Never open attachments from an email. Email was not invented for sending files and definitely not programs or archives with programs in them. Also pictures in emails are pretty deceiving because they might mask malicious actions. ### Don’t respond to unsolicited emails. If you receive an automated email that you did not subscribe to, do not respond or unsubscribe. This only signals to a spammer that you received and opened that email, and you will receive even more spams. ### Never purchase anything from a spam email. The offers in spam emails can often seem too good to be true – and they usually are! Avoid purchasing any product or service from a questionable email or offer. ### Don’t click on links in emails if they ask you to do something urgent. No matter how urgent a message appears to be or how unbelievable an offer (that…

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