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Interview with me in Signal Magazine : “Web Surfers Suspicious”

This is an interview I gave on telephone for Signal Magazine. “… Internet can be a dangerous activity, but the security status of different types of websites is not the same, Sorin Mustaca, data security expert, says. … ” I am a little bit unhappy about this, which I never said: “Mustaca admits that the survey information is more anecdotal than scientific” What I said was: “the interview was made with a random sample of Avira users”. But from experience I know that it can be much worse. 🙂 Enjoy.

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Quoted in NYTimes.com

1 in 3 Internet Users Think All Websites Are Equally Dangerous A third of all Internet users thinks that virtually every website poses a potential security threat. According to a new survey by German online security firm Avira, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of potential security issues online, but it looks like for quite a large population of Web surfers, this has turned into something akin to paranoia. Less than 5% of respondents suspect that big portals are especially vulnerable, while 27% (rightly) think warez sites pose major security risks, and 34.5% think that all websites are equally dangerous. Here is the exact breakdown of Avira’s survey results. Respondents were asked “Where do you suspect is the greatest danger of malware infection on the Internet?” 12.59% – Browser games (Poker, etc.) are really popular – the danger here is very high 22% – Visitors are exposed to such dangers especially on websites with pornographic content 26.69% – So-called Warez sites, which offer illegal software, are extremely dangerous 4.14% – Big portals are particularly vulnerable, due to their popularity 34.5% – When it comes to security, all websites are equally dangerous, all over the Internet While it is great to see…

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Quoted (again) on Softpedia.com

The source of the article ist the statistics for July, published in the techblog: “Because of the holiday season, many people started to buy games and spend more time in the social media websites, so the increase in attacking such web sites comes quite naturally,” Sorin Mustaca, manager of international software development at Avira, noted.

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