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If you want to learn all there is to know about protecting your devices and online accounts against cybercriminals, we recommend that you check out “Improve Your Security,” a free eBook published by Avira Security Expert and Product Manager Sorin Mustaca.

These days, cybercriminals aren’t only after our computers’ resources and our financial information. They can make a hefty profit even by hacking into our social media accounts. That’s why it’s important to know how to properly protect our online assets against cybercrooks.

Mustaca’s book is split into four chapters: Accounts and Passwords, Online Security, Device Security, and a chapter that provides tips.

The best thing about the last chapter is that the tips are formatted in a way that allows users to easily print them on paper. This can be highly useful, especially for less advanced users who are more accustomed to working with instructions printed on paper.

The tips section includes 20 tricks to improve your security in general, 10 steps to securing a new computer, protecting social media accounts, and 10 tips for mobile device security. It also teaches users how to determine if their social media accounts have been hacked.

The Accounts and Passwords chapter focuses on creating good passwords, and best practices recommendations.

The Online Security section provides detailed instructions on how to harden your Facebook account, and how to enable two-factor authentication for Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. It also contains ways to protect WordPress blogs against brute-force attacks.

Before you secure your online accounts, you need to make sure your device is secured properly. The chapter on Device Security highlights the importance of software updates, backups, encryption and password protection. It also gives advice on what to do in case of malware infections.

Improve Your Security is well structured and it explains everything there is to know about cyber security in a way that’s easy to understand by anyone.

You can download the Improve Your Security eBook for free from Leanpub.

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