accounts was apparently hacked, 360Mil accounts on sale and nobody knows any details

“Myspace was hacked” writes LeakedSource on their dedicated page for They do not add any kind of details about this hack except that they received a copy of the data from an email address (not from the hacker). As a matter of fact, there is nowhere on the web any kind of details, not to even say proof, that this has indeed happened. This includes Myspace’s site as well. Leakedsource appears to be the only entity that knows something about these over 427 Mil passwords (for 360 Mil users). But then, Leakedsource only retweets on their wall what two other websites have written about them. There is not a single commend written by them about this hack. One of the articles even writes more details about some steps that Leakedsource took to check the validity of the data. If this is so, why is this not written in their blog? If this is true, then I can’t imagine how come they miss the opportunity to write about the possibly biggest leak of accounts (email + password) of all times?   There is something wrong here. What is actually going on? On one side, what I see there is a…

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