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Virus Bulletin International Conference 2011

  The VB2011 – the 21st Virus Bulletin International Conference took place between  5-7 October 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. The city of Barcelona is a wonderful place to be. Pity that I didn’t have enough time to see all of its wonders.   Here is the article about the Opening of the conference.   Here are the reports from the three days of the conference: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3  

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Improve your Security #1: Complex passwords aren’t always better

I have published the first article in this series in the Avira Techblog here : And, as a confirmation of what I wrote, I found this article on CIO Magazine: Apple and Google will kill password If I could only offer them a hand 🙂 Actually, I could do something in this direction by creating a tool inside Avira Premium Security Suite which manages all passwords for a user in a safely manner.

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Virus Bulletin Article on Anti-Botnet-Initiative

Virus Bulletin Article on Anti-Botnet-Initiative The Virus Bulletin Magazine has published an article on the anti-botnet initiative in which Avira takes part. The goal is to clean infected computers and reduce the impact of cyber criminal activities. Read the article here (.pdf, 111kb) or head over to the Virus Bulletin web site where the magazine is available as whole!

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Avira Survey Shows 50 Percent of People Are Concerned About Banking Online

See the original article here and an interview with me for the Infosecurity US Magazine. I gave the interview on telephone calling the editor from home at 21.00h 🙂 Additional news here: In German: That’s fun 😉

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