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Dropbox: How to backup other folders than the default Dropbox

I recently tested a couple of online backup solutions and one of them was Dropbox. If you know the system, you know also that Dropbox requires the user to choose a folder which will be synchronized in the cloud. That folder is called “Dropbox” and can’t be changed. I wanted to backup a couple of folders which I have on my Truecrypt partition but I didn’t want to move them in the Dropbox folder in order to be synchronized with the cloud. For that, I created symlinks with the “mklink” command: cd t:SDropbox mklink /D name directory_source   My Truecrypt partition is called T and in it are folders S together with folders P and N which I wanted to backup. I added the symlinks to P and N in the folder S. mklink /D P t:P mklink /D N t:N Dropbox sensed that immediately and started to synchronize. So far so good… There is a catch: If you sync another computer with the same Dropbox account, you will have the problem that the folders N and P appear to be in folder S. You can change this by selecting what to synchronized in Dropbox.  

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