BMW and cybersecurity

Not a month passes without seeing some major car manufacturer that has cybersecurity issues. This month we have seen made public a report from February 2016 related to BMW. The short story   The BMW ConnectedDrive Web portal was found to contain a vulnerability that could result in a compromise of registered or valid vehicle identification numbers, Vulnerability Lab warns. The security bug, affecting the BMW ConnectedDrive online service web-application, is a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) session vulnerability, security researcher Benjamin Kunz Mejri reveals. VIN, also known as chassis number, is a unique code used in the automotive industry to identify individual vehicles. The security flaw was discovered in February this year, when the researcher also found a client-side cross site scripting vulnerability in the official BMW online service web-application. By exploiting this issue, an attacker could inject malicious script codes to the client-side of the affected module context, the researcher says. The longer story In February 2016, when the ADAC’s security researchers were able to simulate the existence of a fake phone network, which BMW cars attempted to access, allowing hackers to manipulate functions activated by a SIM card. BMW said it had taken steps to eliminate possible breaches by…

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