BSI: Die Lage der IT-Sicherheit in Deutschland (German)

Quelle:   Malwarelage: Das vergangene Jahr war geprägt von einer deutlichen Ausweitung cyber-krimineller Erpressungsmethoden. Nicht nur die Anzahl der Schadprogramm-Varianten stieg zeitweise rasant an – mit bis zu 553.000 neuen Varianten pro Tag der höchste jemals gemessene Wert (siehe Kapitel Neue Schadprogramm-Varianten, Seite 11). Auch die Qualität der Angriffe nahm weiterhin beträchtlich zu.   Die Hauptbedrohungen: Cyber-Erpressungen entwickeln sich zur größten Bedrohung (Ransomware)   Schwachstellen Der Faktor „Mensch”     Mehr in dem PDF Dokument von BSI hier:

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BSI IT Security Report 2014 – attacks on industrial objectives

BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) published “IT Security Report 2014” (in German), a document with 40 pages of information and reports on cyber security. Probably the most interesting parts of the reports are those in Chapter 3.3 – Security Incidents in the industry. 3.3.1 reports about an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attack on a steel factory in Germany. The attack was, as usual, conducted via spear-phishing and social engineering targeting the office employees of the steel factory. Check out this link to see the 28 steel factories in Germany (I can’t guarantee that the number is correct). After the office network was penetrated and malware was running on the computers inside the company network, the attackers went a step further and infected successively computers in the factories. What happened next is a matter which can be truly understood by security experts in ICS/ACS. If you don’t know what it means, read further. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are those systems that control entire systems in factories, consisting in computers, and devices that belong to the production – in this case, furnaces and their control systems. BSI mentions that the malware attack on the CS of the furnace produced “massive damages to the…

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Virus Bulletin Article on Anti-Botnet-Initiative

Virus Bulletin Article on Anti-Botnet-Initiative The Virus Bulletin Magazine has published an article on the anti-botnet initiative in which Avira takes part. The goal is to clean infected computers and reduce the impact of cyber criminal activities. Read the article here (.pdf, 111kb) or head over to the Virus Bulletin web site where the magazine is available as whole!

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Softpedia about the Anti-Botnet initiative of eco and BSI

The Avira Techblog published today a new article of mine about the Anti-Botnet Initiative. Immediately after, Softpedia commented on the Anti-Botnet Initiative : “While running the Linux from the rescue system, Windows is completely inactive (not as in Safe mode) so the rootkits are also not active. This is actually the only reliable possibility to detect rootkits,”  Sorin Mustaca, a data security expert at Avira, explains. Nice work 😉

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