comptia security+ 2008

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“Not all AV software are the same” – CompTIA Security+ 2008

CompTIA Security+ 2008, page 99, Chapter Antivirus Not all AV software is the same. Free AV software that is available for download through the Internet will typically only look for viruses in standard files. However, most commercial AV software will also look for Trojans, worms, macro viruses, and adware in standard files as well as in compressed (.ZIP) files. In which decade are you guys from CompTIA living ? *Any* AV product looks for those malware in all files. Maybe you should update the book 😉

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“Cybercriminals from Eastern Europe”

“Cybercriminals from Eastern Europe” – quote from CompTIA Security+ 2008, Chapter 1, Page 36 Oh, please… this is stupid ! It is true that many of the attacks are conducted from Eastern Europe, but this is not the way to publish something like this. You are ruining their chances. There are many good guys and they are brilliant ! I have the pleasure to work with many such young people every day. Cybercriminals There is a new breed of computer attackers known as cybercriminals. Cybercriminals are a loose-knit network of attackers, identity thieves, and financial fraudsters. These cybercriminals are described as being more highly motivated, less risk-averse, better funded, and more tenacious than hackers. Many security experts believe that cybercriminals belong to organized gangs of young and mostly Eastern European attackers. Reasons why this area may be responsible for the large number of cybercriminals are summarized in Table 1-6. Table 1-6 Cybercriminals often meet in online “underground” forums that have names like and The purpose of these meetings is to trade information and coordinate attacks around the world.

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