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The CompTIA Security+ Certification: passed

I’ve had today the exam for the CompTIA Security+ SYS-201 certification and passed it with 828 points out of 900 (min. 750 to pass it). I’ve learnt after the book The CompTIA Security+ 2008 Study Guide, 4th Edition., author Emmet Dulaney. Why this book ? It was recommended by CompTIA on their website and it was cheap 🙂 I started initially with the eBook : The CompTIA Security+ 2008 in Depth, author Mark Ciampa. Remember by posts about the posts : Not all AV software are the same” – CompTIA Security+ 2008 and Cybercriminals from Eastern Europe ? They were from that book. This is the reason for which I dumped it. About the Exam The book had not much to do with the exam… Yes, they covered more or less a part of the objectives, but very, very shallow. They barely scratched the surface. How did I pass ? Because of the previous experience with Security, reading a lot about Security and living it every day. It is a tough exam for someone who is not used to think in terms of software security. But it was fun to learn for it. And this is the last day when…

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Guest blogger: Larry.Walsh: Security Idea: Recall the Internet

I totally agree with this blog post of Larry.Walsh (seen on from CompTIA). Source: Author: Larry.Walsh Microsoft’s Scott Charney says we should treat malware-infected PCs in the same manner as 19th century public health officials treated victims of typhoid, tuberculosis and cholera: quarantine. Yes, the head of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing believes malware infections are so pervasive and destructive that isolation is the only means for protecting the greater good. Perhaps, but I have a better idea: recall. First, let’s review Charney’s idea – quarantine. “Governments, industry and consumers should support cyber-security efforts modeled on efforts to address human illnesses. For a society to be healthy, its members must be aware of basic health risks and be educated on how to avoid them,” Charney said at the International Security Solutions Europe (ISSE) Conference in Berlin this weekend. Charney, who worked at the Department of Justice prior to joining Microsoft, is essentially correct. In the past three years, the world has seen an explosion of malware – more than 5 million new samples. Just one of the past three years has produced more malware than in 20 years prior to 2007. Each year, malware costs individuals and businesses millions of dollars…

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Passed the CompTIA Project+ (2009 Objectives)

I just finished the exam CompTIA Project+ (2009 Objectives). So, I am certified IT Project Manager 😉 Number of questions: 100 Length of test: 90 minutes Passing score: 710 on a scale of 100-900 Recommended experience: One year of managing, directing or participating in small- to medium-scale projects Language: English Exam code: PK0-003 I got 822 points. I studied using Joseph Phillips ‘ book called “IT Project Management (It Project Management: On Track from Start to Finish)” About the book: It is a good book, but it is not enough to pass the exam. My feelings are a little bit mixed about the book because it contains a lot of information which is not well structured. There is a lot of talk and descriptions, which is very good, it helps you imagine the things. But, in the exam you need more than that. You need to imagine the information structured so that you can answer the questions. So, 4 stars out of 5 🙂 So, i bought the ucertify test program for this exam. It is good… but parts of it are written by non English speakers because there is a kind of “bla bla”. More info to come.

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