How to convince Top Management to invest in cybersecurity and secure software development

I’ve heard many times IT people and Software Developers complaining that they have difficulties to sensibilize their managers to invest more in cybersecurity. Also some employees of my customers in the cybersecurity consulting area show sometimes frustration when we are talking about priorities of their top management – cybersecurity is almost neveve one until it is too late. When I talk to C-Level of the organizations that book us for consulting, I am telling them that organizations face an increasing number of cyber threats these days compared to 10-20 years ago  (yes, we are so old). They have a lot of risks like data breaches, ransomware attacks, and intellectual property theft and their only chance to survive these is to  investing early in robust cybersecurity measures and secure software development practices. However, convincing top management to allocate resources and invest in these areas is a challenging task for everyone, me included. Unfortunately, investing in cybersecurity is a bit like investing in a optional insurance: you want it so that you can stay relaxed, but you know you are not forced to buy it, so you try to find the cheapest one that covers more or less your risks. Additionally, you…

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