This is how you know you got a good SEO!

When some chinese spammer gets in touch with you about your domain, you know that they have found you somehow. My guess is that they take LinkedIn as source and they scrape anything in a certain area.   Dear Sir or Madam, We are an agency for registering domain names authorized by Chinese government. Today, our center received an application from WAONG Holdings Ltd applying to register “mustaca” as their brand name and some top-level domain names(.CN .HK etc). After our careful investigation, We found the main body of domain names is same as yours. As a professional registrar, We are obligated to inform you of this situation. We are handling the application and we need to confirm whether or not you authorize them to register them? Let me know your answer ASAP so as to solve this promptly. Thanks for your cooperation. Best Regards Asa Dong Senior Adviser Tel:0086-551 634 911 91 Fax:0086-551 634 911 92 Address:No.105,Changjiang East Road,Hefei Anhui China Of course, if you answer, they will probably start negotiating with you about the price to “convince” the other party to not register the domain. Probably also to register the domain for you 🙂 Who needs a after…

What do you think: aggressive sales campaign or fraud?

What do you think after you quickly read this letter? What makes this email special: addressed to me, using the data from the domain registration (mandatory things, which my registrar added) uses my domain name A lot of red text written in capitals special keywords like “notice”, “important”, “notification”, “expiration”, “act”, “immediately” has a clear deadline on it First time I read it I went very quickly and I thought that they try to take over my domain by requiring me to “prolong” the registration with them. This would have required to transfer the domain to them and then pay yearly fees to them.   Very well done, I have to say. But, if you read it carefully, you see that it doesn’t actually offer you to prolong the registration of the domain! It is an offer to purchase automatic submission to search engines for 64$.   The URLs in the email are specially created for domain. After I changed the URL to not point to my domain, it looks like this:   So, is this an aggressive sales campaign or is it a fraud?      

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