Digital clock mathemathics

If you’re like me, you definitely have such a digital clock somewhere in your house, most probably near your bed. Ever wondered what is the maximum number of segments of the clock that are used at a certain hour? And what time is it then? I did… and here is how I count them. I wrote a Perl script that calculates the number of segments of each hour and each minute: 24h x 60 min. Each number has maximum 7 segments. This would be the number 8. Here is the number of segments for each digit 0..9 : 6,2,5,5,4,5,6,3,7,6; Important rules: The midnight time is the only exception when we have 00:xy the hour can be a single digit (1..9), but the minute will always be two digits. The minutes below 10 will be prefixed with 0. the 00:00 is the only time when we have 0X For example, 11 minutes after 1 AM is 1:11 and not 01:11 It turns out that the maximum amount of segments is 25 and the time is 8 minutes after midnight. The second place is with 24 segments. Max digits: 24 at 00:00 Max digits: 24 at 00:06 Max digits: 25 at 00:08 Final…

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