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IT Security Myths on

You surely know of my free eBook “Improve Your Security” available here. I started to publish there a series of IT Security myths which will make you say “Oh, SHIT!!!”   Here they are: These are the first three: Most victims of malware often think, “This can never happen to me. Our network is secure, we can’t be hacked! Our employees would never steal data!

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5 Apple security myths

Five Apple Security Myths — and the Disturbing Truths Five hard lessons With that in mind, here are five Apple security myths — and the brutal truth behind each: Myth: I don’t need antivirus and spam protection because I work on a Mac. Truth: The Mac OS X operating system is targeted less frequently by malware only because it’s not as widespread as Windows. It’s no more secure than any other operating system, said Sorin Mustaca, data security expert at Germany-based Avira. As for phishing attacks, said Mustaca, “the biggest problem in this case is not the computer itself, but rather it’s the user.” Myth: I can’t be infected by any malicious software because I get my applications exclusively from the iTunes App Store. Truth: “We’ve seen a couple of times already that the App Store is not such a secure fortress as one might have hoped,” said Mustaca. “It is extremely difficult to check every single application that is inserted there.” Myth: Mac OS X is inherently more secure than Windows. Truth: Apple’s brand-new products are being hacked almost immediately upon arrival. For example, “jailbreaking” your iPhone is as easy as browsing to a specific website. “For a while,…

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