How to convince your boss that adding security features from the beginning is worth doing it!

Everything of value has a cost. The same applies to security! I recently flew to Berlin for business purposes with a known airline. As I was the first one checking in, I was asked if I want the seat near the emergency exit. This is, usually, the place where you have more space for your legs. So, I said without thinking too much: Yeeess, please :). The plane was a very small one with propellers and the emergency exit was actually the first seat (1 A). Just in front of the cockpit and face to face with the flight attendant. Now, if you wonder what this has to do with the title of the post, here comes the cost for it: The flight attendant requested me to take the brochure with the special instructions and read it all.  In front of her. It wasn’t much, just two pages, so no big deal. But, then because she was staying in front of me, watching me directly, she kept making observations and requests during takeoff and landing: I am not allowed to put the newspaper on the seat near me because it could fall on the floor and if there is an emergency, someone could slip on…

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