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Bye, bye, Blogger!

Finally I decided to remove all the old posts from the blog hosted Blogger and link them to this one. However, I had a problem … Until January 2006, I had all the files hosted by Blogger and from January, I moved them to this blog. Then, in a futile attempt to retrieve the old posts as well and to clean them up from Blogger, I erased the Blog. This blog:  Remember, it is deleted …. really … 🙂 But, because  the files are still hosted by Blogger, the name is somehow … lost in the space. So, I can not: – delete the blog (it is already deleted) – create a blog with the same name – modify it in any way – post it in I wrote to Blogger, and this is what they said: Notes: If your blog is a free blogspot blog, its files will be deleted and will no longer appear online. If your blog is either on your own server, or on Blog*Spot Plus, its files will not be deleted. You can FTP in and delete them manually. If you have changed the BlogSpot address of your blog, your pages may still remain…

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