Where PC security and Automotive security meet

I visited yesterday the IAA in Frankfurt. IAA stands for International Automobile Exhibition and takes place every year in Frankfurt, Germany. This is the place where every year the latest cars are being presented but also the newest technologies around cars. This year it was a lot about mobility, interaction, autonomous parking and driving, interconnectivity between cars and IoT. I addressed more the car parts suppliers than the car manufacturers. For us it was more interesting to get involved in the devices that are easily and directly attackable. Things like entertainment systems, connected devices of the car, GPS devices,etc.. Challenges: Nobody from the car manufacturers or car parts suppliers wants to openly speak about security. Speaking about security is like causing “bad luck” on them. Why speaking about something that nobody wants to happen? 🙂 The most used argument by the car components suppliers was: “Why would anyone hack us/our device? They don’t have anything to gain.”   About security in the car Here is the list of things that can happen if a device in the car, or a car, is hacked: Accidents can be caused if the car detects that the speed limit is 50 KMH, a hacker…

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