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Some thoughts about the spam attack sent through InternetOfThings (Proofpoint) More than 750,000 Phishing and SPAM emails Launched from “Thingbots” Including Televisions, Fridge Note: An article about this has been published by Richard Adhikari in TechNewsWorld.   A general comment on the entire story. Security researchers usually use spamtraps (an email address that receive nothing else than pure spam) to collect these emails and then some kind of spam trap processsing machine would analyse the emails and extract the IP address of the sender. In order to see that an email is coming from a certain type of device, it is required to obtain the IP address of the sender, to get a connection to that machine and – either perform a deep scan on that IP using various tools (like nmap) or – to query thorough official protocols (like SNMP) information about the device. Both these things assume that the device is freely available from the Internet. I find understandable that a router or a NAS device are accessible from the Internet, but why would someone allow other device to be fully accessible from the Internet? 1. So…did anyone else notice these waves of attacks? We receive millions of emails every month and we only perform deep analysis…

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