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The wrong way of being in the news

“70 Romanian Phishers & Fraudsters Arrested On March 4th, FBI Director Robert Mueller was given a speech on Cybercrime to the RSA conference where he mentioned that: And we have worked with the Romanian National Police to arrest more than 100 Romanian nationals in the past 18 months. Four years ago, several American companies threatened to cut cyber ties with Romania because of the rampant hacking originating from that country. And yet today, Romania is one of our strongest partners. ” Read more here:

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Confiker again in the news – @Shadowserver:EU is bigger than you think guys

I have to confess, I never ever read anything on and everything I write here is taken from this page from McAfee Avert Labs Blog Shadowserver names 183 country codes and 5994 autonomous systems with Conficker IP in their network space: * 1086 for the Russian Federation (RU) * 597 for the United States (US) * 422 for Ukraine (UA) * 271 for Romania (RO) * 244 for Brazil (BR) * 243 for Republic of Korea (KR) * 184 for Poland (PL) * 166 for Bulgaria (BG) * 147 for Europe (EU) * 129 for Indonesia (ID) * 113 for Japan (JP) * 95 for China (CN) * 94 for India (IN) I can not stop myself to notice a very stupid mistake created by ignorance. If you look at the above quotation you see: * 271 for Romania (RO) * 184 for Poland (PL) * 166 for Bulgaria (BG) * 147 for Europe (EU) Well, useless to say… I hope … that the 3 countries are already part of the European Union. Have a look here:

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Police in Romania detain 20 alleged hackers

Good News: TIMISOARA, Romania – Police in Romania on Wednesday detained 20 people suspected of cloning the Web sites of banks in other countries to deplete customers’ bank accounts. So, this IS possible ! Keep up the good work guys ! Click here to see Timisoara on the map.

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Interview in

Ana Maria Gavrila from The Investor contacted Avira Romania because she needed some expert opinions about the software market’s future in Romania. And I answered. The “interview” (with quotes because I never discussed with her) is in the Romanian language and was not yet published online. I have the scanned pages with the interview here. There are two pages: Page 1 Page 2 When the article will be online, I’ll publish the link here as well.

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Romania from an English perspective

Just read these articles: Where draughts are truly dangerous By Debbie Stowe Logic problems that test your patience in Romania By Debbie Stowe;jsessionid=2ICNE2BHCD5RHQFIQMFCFFOAVCBQYIV0?xml=/global/2005/05/17/romex.xml I’ll comment later on them 🙂

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