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Avert Labs — Malware “Experience” – DON’T

With a huge surprize I’ve read here that McAfee is teaching people how to play with Malware. I do not think that everybody needs to know this. Already too many script kiddies are doing this with catastrophic effects. Avert Labs — Malware Experience (By appointment only) Tuesday, Oct. 6 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm You’ve often heard that the Internet is a dangerous place and you’ve probably read about threats such as botnets, keystroke loggers and drive-by installations of malware through rigged Web sites. But what is malware really? How do cybercriminals launch their malicious attacks? McAfee is offering you the chance to find out with the unique and exclusive McAfee Malware Experience. Join experts from McAfee Avert Labs and have a chance to work with a Trojan horse, commandeer a botnet, install a rootkit and experience first hand how easy it is to modify websites to serve up malware. Of course this will all be done in the safe and closed environment, ensuring that what you experience first hand doesn’t actually go out onto the Internet. To sign up, contact Shiva Mandalam at or 408.346.3866. McAfee, do not consider that just by using a “safe environment” the…

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