About VirusTotal’s change of heart or…

Virus Total is a multi-engine malware scanner, an aggregator of security solutions. You can upload a file or provider an URL and it will check it with all available engines.  Mostly command line scanner or plain SDKs to use the engine. The AV Industry wants to work with VT because if VT uses an engine, the company behind the engine will get all file and URL reports that they don’t detect but others do.   However, the AV Industry has a couple major issues with Virus Total, which can be summarized in one sentence: they lose business to VT.   There are obvious advantages that VT has over any AV vendor: VT has over 60 engines VT is available on demand VT is fast because it uses now the infrastructure of Google VT doesn’t require any kind of low level integration because they have an REST API available VT might even be cheaper than many vendors out there (I am not very sure about this, but so I heard!). Nevertheless, even if they are not cheaper, the alternative to pay to all those vendors is much more expensive than anything what VT requests. Normally, there are also some disadvantages that a multi-engine technology…

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