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When security software gets bundled in the wrong way

  After installing Adobe Shockwave Player from here I am presented with this offer. I don’t want to use Norton, so I unselect the checkbox. I actually read the text, well, most of it – the part which is visible, as you can see below. By clicking on the only button visible, I agree with the Norton License and I receive the software from Symantec. So, where the hack is the Cancel button? I unselected the checkbox and pressed Alt-F4 and apparently I didn’t get any Symantec software on my computer. I thought that such practices can by found only at and alike… But, definitely there is money in stake here, so who cares about user experience? Right? 😉 I am sure that Symantec didn’t see this 😉 Erm.. I am hoping that they didn’t see it.        

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