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About the Internet threat landscape, and why small businesses are the most vulnerable

1) Tell me a bit about the Internet threat landscape, and why small businesses are the most vulnerable? The Internet threat landscape is pretty complex these days. We see more and more targeted attacks against large and small companies which happen via phishing, DDoS, exploits of known vulnerabilities and social engineering. The small businesses are most vulnerable because they don’t have dedicated or specialized personnel to deal with these complex threats. They also don’t have the financial power to cover all attack vectors. This is actually the main difference between small and large business in regard to threats 2) What are some of the emerging trends and issues on Internet security threats that will impact SMEs? The emerging threats are the exploiting of known vulnerabilities in various software products. Vulnerabilities are being used these days to create zero-day attacks. This kind of attack is using a brand new vulnerability (this is why is called zeroday) and targets known customers of the affected software. The advantage of a zero-day attack is that there is no fix for the vulnerability and no security product can protect against the exploit. Such an attack happens on a very small scale, because only this way…

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