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Paypal and Phishing : Paypal CISO’s Dream vs. Reality

I received from the CompTIA Smartbrief newsletter a notification about an interesting article: PayPal security guru: No one is safe from threats This is the article PayPal security chief on Epsilon breach and more written by Elinor Mills of Cnet. I agree with most of the comments of Mr. Barret until this one: Q: Is phishing still the bane of PayPal and its customers? Barrett: I joined PayPal almost exactly five years ago and it’s fair to say the company had not realized at that point the true significance of phishing. But since that time we’ve put in place a number of defenses against it. It probably will never go away completely as a problem, but it can be substantially minimized. We’re at No. 8 on a list of most phished sites, which is better than being No. 1. I’m not satisfied with being No. 8 and I’d really like to obliterate the crime completely, but I realize that will take another five years to get to that state. Ohoooo…..Wow…. Mr. Barret, please wake up…. You’re dreaming, and in this dream, Paypal is actually no longer no. 1 in the top of the most phished brands. In my top in…

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Improve your Security #3: Online Protection

It is usually said that those who are behind a hardware router are protected from any danger. This is true in regard to the connections that come from outside but it is not true for the dangers which come from inside the local network. We must not forget that most of threats are landing on users’ computers via email or web traffic (either drive-by downloads or web bugs and exploits). Thus it is important to use multiple layers when it comes to online protection. For the sake of simplicity, I separated the protection layers in three areas: External area, Network and Personal area. Read the entire article in the Avira TechBlog : Improve your Security #3: Online Protection

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