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Here is how to stop Windows 10 to deliver updates from your PC to complete strangers

If you have a Windows 7 or 8.x, chances are that you already upgraded to the latest Windows version. What you don’t know is that Windows Update Delivery optimization (WUDO) has set up your computer in a Peer to Peer network to deliver updates for other Windows 10 users. „Windows Update Delivery Optimization lets you get Windows updates and Windows Store apps from sources in addition to Microsoft. This can help you get updates and apps more quickly if you have a limited or unreliable Internet connection. And if you own more than one PC, it can reduce the amount of Internet bandwidth needed to keep all of your PCs up-to-date. Delivery Optimization also sends updates and apps from your PC to other PCs on your local network or PCs on the Internet. Delivery Optimization is turned on by default in Windows 10.“ Microsoft doesn’t hide any details in the official WUDO FAQ. But, it also doesn’t ask your approval when you install the operating system. If you read on, then things are getting messy: „Windows uses the same process as when getting updates and apps from PCs on your local network, and also looks for PCs on the Internet…

Windows 10 and “we own you”: questionable default privacy settings

First thing you see after the Windows 10 migration is done is the “Customize Settings” dialog below. In a few words, Microsoft is trying to “own” the user that just got the “best OS of all times”, at least according to Microsoft. 1. Just turn everything OFF       2. Let “Smart Screen” ON, turn everything else OFF If you install a lot of software and you experience problems with them, you may want to enable the last option, “Send error reports and diagnostics to Microsoft”   Last, after installation, you will see that near your programs, there are ads for Games that you don’t have. In the screenshot below you see Candy Crush Saga, which I don’t have installed. Once I click, I am redirected to the store to download it.     Conclusion:  When you install Win10, make sure that you go in the detailed configuration of the settings. If you don’t do that you’ll have to do all these configurations manually.

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