The sad status of online advertising … now gets to the real topic

I wrote a few days ago a post about the The sad status of online advertising, talking about the practices of Forbes which forces the read to disable ad-blockers. Later, in a second post called A new type of fraud: News Scareware, I mentioned Washington Post that is enforcing the email address of the user in order to allow reading. Now, I have seen the cherry on the top of the cake: Wired .   They request the user to either disable ad-blockers or to pay $1/Week for an ad-free version.   Again, I am not against paying for a magazine. I am against these practices. If they do good journalism, and most of them actually do, then they will get the money. In my opinion, this is a failed business model.   PS: Wired also displays a “Thank you” popup after you disable the ad-blocker.

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