Chrome will distrust SSL certificates generated by Symantec

I reviewed the headers of my IT Security News website in order to add HSTS. This is what I can see in the headers.   The certificate used to load uses an SSL certificate that will be distrusted in an upcoming release of Chrome. Once distrusted, users will be prevented from loading this resource. See for more information.   Source: Checking the article, I see some disturbing news:   Information For Site Operators Starting with Chrome 66, Chrome will remove trust in Symantec-issued certificates issued prior to June 1, 2016. Chrome 66 is currently scheduled to be released…

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Pwn2Own: Nothing is safe

The annual Pwn2Own hacking competition wrapped up its 2015 event in Vancouver with another 21 critical bugs in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, Adobe Flash, Adobe reader, and last, but definitely not least, the Windows operating system. For those who don’t know the contest, the name “Pwn2Own” is derived from the fact that contestants must “pwn” or hack the device in order to “own” or win it. Chrome got both its stable and beta versions hacked in just two minutes. Google paid $75,000 for just one buffer overflow in Chrome which allows an attacker to bypass the sandbox. Apple’s Safari got…

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Quoted in Softpedia about browser security

Source of the article: Another aspect pointed out by Avira’s Security Product Manager Sorin Mustaca is Google’s effort to keep their browser safe. “Especially when we are talking about the Chrome browser, we have the already famous hacking sessions, which Google organizes to find vulnerabilities in the browser. This shows how important the security is for Google,” Mustaca said. “Google also invests a lot in the visible part of the security. The Safe Browsing functions in the browser prevent users to visit malicious websites. If two years ago, when comparing Google with Firefox, Safari and IE, Google was not at the…

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