A post about searching a software developer on LinkedIn that didn’t go as planned

I was and still am in need of a freelance Android developer with experience in Java.

After trying all other possibilities (my own network) I decided to post the job on LinkedIn.

Due to the special requirements of the project, I needed a very close and good cooperation between myself, the customer and the developer.

For this reason, I asked in my post on LinkedIn to be contacted by freelancers in the CET +/- 2 Timezone.

Now, if you look on a map, this means approximately until Turkey in East and Portugal in West. I did not mention restrictions on nations because I have no prejudices with whom I work.

I work now and have worked in the past with people from all around the world and I can really work with anybody.

I published it on Thursday the 18.2.2021, on Friday I closed the comments, and finally I erased it on Saturday 20.2.2021 in the evening.


Let’s have a closer look on the post.


I wrote specifically :

  • I need an experienced freelancer
  • PM me only if you meet this requirement…
  • “Companies are excluded”, because I want to build a long-term relationship with that person.


 Let’s start with the conclusions:

  1. People did not respect the requirements I wrote. Not a bit …
    1. I was contacted almost exclusively by companies from India, which is 5.30h ahead of CET. How did I know they were companies ? Well, many of them had titles like “Business Development Manager” or were CEOs of sw. development companies.
    2. I asked to be contacted directly (PM = Personal Message), but 6 wrote on the post, just to advertise themselves.
  2. I’ve been contacted by a few persons who appeared to be individuals, but I am not sure. Anyway, they were from India, so they do not qualify due to the time zone requirement.
  3. Not even one european contacted me! Person or company …
  4. I contacted 10 freelance developers in Romania, only 2 answered and not a single one wanted the project. Do they have so much work ?


Other facts:

  • I received 29 new contact requests and counting -> Interesting …

  • My post was viewed more than 1290 times – WOW, this is a good way of reaching people. A lot of ex-colleagues/ex-business partners/contacts viewed the post.

  • Despite deleting the post, I still get contacted by various companies or people. I guess that LinkedIn content is being distributed on other channels as well.


If you wonder why didn’t I post the project on the classical freelance websites:

From the past, I know that if I publish the project on Freelance.com or Upwork, exactly the same thing will happen. I will be overflowed with requests from India and neighboring countries.


Next steps:

I still need a developer… But I will probably continue searching people in my network, and not the LinkedIn network. That’s useless.



Why only people from India contacted me?

India has a population of over 1 bil. people. Many people are very good prepared, due to the strict but powerful schooling system. So, a lot of potential candidates. 🙂

I know from own experience that Indian developers are good and very hard working. Not to say that they are also costing a less than those in Europe or US.

And I like working with them, which would make them good candidates.


But, If I start working on 9h AM, it is for them already 14.30h. If they work until 19h, due to the 5h30 time difference, it is for me only 13.30h… Basically I have about half of a working day to work with them. This is not enough for this project due to the interactions with the customer.

I know that they would work at any hour, but I am not willing and not able to do that…

Additionally, as can be seen above, they tend to not read and respect requirements exactly as specified. I am sure it is a cultural particularity due to a very high competition in the country.


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