AirPi #1: set up AirPi on your RaspberryPi running Raspbian

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What is AirPi?

AirPi is the RaspberryPi implementation of Apple’s protocol called AirPlay.

Using AirPlay you can send audio and video streaming from you Apple Device (ipad, iPod, iPhone, Mac) to RaspberryPi. This implementation is sending only the sound.


Why all this trouble?

Do you know those expensive devices called Sonos?

I want to do the same using a Raspberry Pi and a cheap radio I got for free with a magazine ( ).

I will post pictures here.


Why AirPi and not XBMC’s AirPlay support?


I guess because XBMC is using a lot of resources … I can’t find another reason why someone would not use it directly.


Install and setup AirPi

sudo su –


apt-get update

apt-get upgrade


apt-get install git libmodule-build-perl libao-dev libssl-dev libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl libio-socket-inet6-perl libwww-perl avahi-utils cpanminus -y

git clone perl-net-sdp
cd perl-net-sdp
perl Build.PL
./Build test
./Build install
git clone shairport

# and the rest is repeating the install instructions from the original post
cd shairport
./ -a AirPiTest
# check it works then Ctrl-C
make install
cp shairport.init.sample /etc/init.d/shairport
cd /etc/init.d
chmod a+x shairport
update-rc.d shairport defaults
nano shairport
# edit DAEMON_ARGS line: eg DAEMON_ARGS=”-w $PIDFILE -a AirPiFinal”


The script will start automatically on reboot.


Improvements if you have problems with the sound:

Add in the /etc/init.d/shairport the following lines in the routine start:

#set audio to the jack

amixer cset numid=3 1

#set volume to max

amixer set PCM 1dB

amixer set PCM 1dB-

amixer cset numid=1 100


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