Stupid spammers

Don’t you just hate them ?!
I do…
They are just wasting my CPU power and bandwidth to detect such stupid evasion techniques.
I mean… look at the picture below:

Why the hack would I send to myself a picture with all kind of meds and then, write at the end some text from a Microsoft newsletter ?
Can there be any clearer sign of spam than this ?

Interesting : there are 4 different links in the email. All of them are subhosts from (CHINA).

Here are the spam reports from Avira Antispam:
X-Avira-SpamScore: ata: 7.600 bayes: 1.000 final: 11.737

ATA is the Automatic text analysis which check for spam techniques. And with 7.6 points, there are many. Bayes gives a plain round 1 which is 100% SPAM :)))

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