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Quoted in the article : “Browser War: What Is It Good For?” in

Source: Browser War: What Is It Good For? “All vendors are trying to implement the latest trends in the industry in order to remain competitive and face the challenges of the online world, and to react to vulnerabilities,” Sorin Mustaca, a data security expert at Avira, told TechNewsWorld. “For example, two years ago, nobody thought of sandboxing plugins in a different process, and now everybody’s doing it,” Mustaca added. “And almost every week we see some new vulnerabilities discovered which get exploited. Vendors have to react immediately to these threats,” he said. Browser vendors have to serve two categories of users, Avira’s Mustaca pointed out. One is home users, who adopt new technologies very fast “because they always want the best, the fastest and the richest Internet experience,” he said. These users are the testers of new technologies. The other category is corporate users. They have a very slow adoption rate, and will only change their browsers when they change their operating system, Mustaca stated. “We are seeing right now the effect of this battle to release new versions faster — every week new vulnerabilities are made public,” Avira’s Mustaca said. “Every bug fix and every new feature potentially introduces…

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Bug or feature: Mime Type Detection

Also known as MIME Sniffing, this is a feature or bug in IE which is the only browser able to dynamically determine the content type of the document it loads. So, in this case, it detects a plain text document with HTML content instead of a an JPG header. And the content of the “JPG” file which is text/html: The URL was reported to Phishtank and CleanMX. The users of Avira Professional and Avira Premium Security Suite are protected if they use the latest Webguard signatures.

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Minimo – browser for PDA (WM 2005)

I just installed and tested Minimo. Minimo is “a small, simple, powerful, innovative, web browser for mobile devices”, created by Minimo uses Mozilla Technologies to produce a highly usable web browser for advanced mobile devices. Features include: * Fast access to your mobile content via Homebase start page * Best support for modern web standards (Javascript and AJAX). * Social Bookmarking * Tab browsing * RSS Support * Proven security (TLS, SSL3) * International support * Cross platform capability * Widget and Extension support It is nice. Give it a try from here:

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Flickr rulez

Lately, I have become another Flickr addicted. This happen before becoming a Pro. Pro is a paid account and I received it as a present for by birthday, from Mihaela (my wife). Each time I open my browser, my mouse goes automatically here:  Comments On your Photos If I see comments, and I usually do,  I feel the urge to .. respond and of course, to reply the comment. I am addicted … to Flickering 🙂

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