Why does “everybody” think they are being/were hacked by Russian hackers?

Short answer: See the column “Country”. When I say “Russia”, I mean all Russian speaking countries, from the ex sovietic block. “Everybody” in quotes means the vast majority.   Long answer: Some time ago, I was writing that China is massively attacking my blogs. Now, it seems that the situation has changed a lot. But, what is the reason why this changed? Can it be that the Russian hackers are becoming more aggressive ?  Can be that they are “hungrier”. Or are these attacks sponsored by some entity? It might be, but then why my sites ? 🙂 Or did the laws in Russia changed and many hackers can access via VPNs hosted in Russia? Didn’t hear anything about it.   What’s the deal with Turkey? How come that they are increasing their activities? Can it be the same situation with the VPNs as in Russia?   Or are these attacks more oriented towards specific targets? For examples, these websites where I register these attacks are tech oriented.   I hate politics… but… can it be that Russia is working with Turkey ?   The interesting fact is that there are repeated attacks from the same IPs. So, one more…

Chinese Researchers Remotely Hack Tesla Model S (Update)

Security researchers from China-based tech company Tencent have identified a series of vulnerabilities that can be exploited to remotely hack an unmodified Tesla Model S while it’s parked or on the move. The researchers managed to perform various actions. While the vehicle was parked, the experts demonstrated that they could: control the sunroof, the turn signals, the position of the seats, all the displays, the door locking system. While the car was on the move, the white hat hackers showed that they could activate the windshield wipers, fold the side view mirrors, and open the trunk. They also demonstrated that a remote hacker can activate the brakes from a long distance (e.g. 12 miles, as shown in the experiment). WOW… this can be deadly!   But wait, after “several months of in-depth research” ? This means that they spent several months to search for vulnerabilities to exploit ? This is what I mean by being insistent. The most interesting part is the UPDATE. Tesla told SecurityWeek that it addressed the vulnerabilities found by Keen Lab within 10 days after learning of their existence. The company pointed out that the attacks are not “fully” remote and they are not as easy…

This is how you know you got a good SEO!

When some chinese spammer gets in touch with you about your domain, you know that they have found you somehow. My guess is that they take LinkedIn as source and they scrape anything in a certain area.   Dear Sir or Madam, We are an agency for registering domain names authorized by Chinese government. Today, our center received an application from WAONG Holdings Ltd applying to register “mustaca” as their brand name and some top-level domain names(.CN .HK etc). After our careful investigation, We found the main body of domain names is same as yours. As a professional registrar, We are obligated to inform you of this situation. We are handling the application and we need to confirm whether or not you authorize them to register them? Let me know your answer ASAP so as to solve this promptly. Thanks for your cooperation. Best Regards Asa Dong Senior Adviser Tel:0086-551 634 911 91 Fax:0086-551 634 911 92 Address:No.105,Changjiang East Road,Hefei Anhui China Of course, if you answer, they will probably start negotiating with you about the price to “convince” the other party to not register the domain. Probably also to register the domain for you 🙂 Who needs a after…

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