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Lazy Developers Hate Agile and Scrum (updated with my opinion)

From “Lazy developers cannot hide specific problems for weeks. Every day you have to explain your progress.” “Lazy developers hate Scrum because they have to report progress everyday.” “It’s really a team effort, the team has the responsibility to deliver together.” “Lazy developer are often the ones that now have to show what they’ve been hiding before from a customer.” “In sum we do believe lazy developers hate Scrum and Agile because they have to change, they have to be much more visible to what they are doing and cannot hide.”     My opinion: I think that there is no such thing as “lazy” developers. There are developers who are demotivated, who don’t have a solid technical background or simply doesn’t understand what they have to do. And all these have as effect that the project doesn’t move forward. For those who see the problem from outside, this gives the impression that a developer is “lazy” because he doesn’t produce the expected results.

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5 Apple security myths

Five Apple Security Myths — and the Disturbing Truths Five hard lessons With that in mind, here are five Apple security myths — and the brutal truth behind each: Myth: I don’t need antivirus and spam protection because I work on a Mac. Truth: The Mac OS X operating system is targeted less frequently by malware only because it’s not as widespread as Windows. It’s no more secure than any other operating system, said Sorin Mustaca, data security expert at Germany-based Avira. As for phishing attacks, said Mustaca, “the biggest problem in this case is not the computer itself, but rather it’s the user.” Myth: I can’t be infected by any malicious software because I get my applications exclusively from the iTunes App Store. Truth: “We’ve seen a couple of times already that the App Store is not such a secure fortress as one might have hoped,” said Mustaca. “It is extremely difficult to check every single application that is inserted there.” Myth: Mac OS X is inherently more secure than Windows. Truth: Apple’s brand-new products are being hacked almost immediately upon arrival. For example, “jailbreaking” your iPhone is as easy as browsing to a specific website. “For a while,…

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Philips NetTV and FritzBox 72xx

I recently bought a new LCD TV from Philips : The 47″ PFL8404H/12 with NetTV. Philips 47 PFL 8404 H 119,4 cm (47 Zoll) Full-HD Ambilight LCD-Fernseher mit integriertem DVB-T / DVB-C Tuner schwarz Actually, I chose this TV because of two features it has: 1. The display : Full HD, 47″ , non reflective having the “Pixel Precise” feature 2. the Net TV: which means practically the you have an Internet connection in your TV set. I have the FritzBox! 7240 from AVM which is a goot DSL modem and router. The problem However, after installating the TV and connecting it to the Internet I noticed that it looses, apparently randomly the connection to the router. When connecting the old FritzBox 7170, everything worked as expected. The reason All FritzBoxes have a nice feature which tries to make the device eco friendly (aka “green”) by reducing the power consumption. So, it has some automatic detection if a LAN port is used or not. Philips 47 PFL 8404 H 119,4 cm (47 Zoll) Full-HD Ambilight LCD-Fernseher mit integriertem DVB-T / DVB-C Tuner schwarz The Solution After discussing with Heino, a colleague from Avira, he gave me an idea: what if…

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“Internet Service Providers have a pessimistic view of the future” ?!?

I read this article from Heise ( and I couldn’t stop asking myself : WHY ?! I mean where is the problem in building a better protection from inside ? Why Inside ? Because most of the attacks come from inside their network or from the networks from their own partners. So, guys, sit together to a beer or something and discuss how to act together against those bad guys. And in the case that the attack comes from a network from another state which doesn’t obey to these rules, just filter them from your network. This way they’ll learn that it is better to cooperate than to sit and do nothing.

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Project Honeypot – 1 Billion Spammers Served and more…

Project Honeypot published this nice article which contains all kind of data and graphics here: 1 Billion Spammers Served All nice and shiny, but I have a problem with this graphic: Notice that PayPal is about 1% … Our data, gathered by the URLCheck service, gives us completely different numbers: So, don’t believe everything what you see…

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When marketing doesn’t read what they send via email

I am subscribed to the TAROM (Romanian Airlines) Newsletter which is sent approximately once a month. Each month I receive the same corrupted email which looks like the one in the picture: Why is this happening ? Simply because they add some newlines in the wrong places. Actually, it is enough only the first one to ruin everything. See the red arrows ? Those newlines shouldn’t be there. I wrote to Tarom ( and they didn’t reply back. And they also didn’t fix the problem. This could’ve been avoided very easily if they just preview the newsletter before they mass mail it.

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