Quoted in SecurityWeek.com: 45 Million Potentially Impacted by VerticalScope Hack

Source: http://www.securityweek.com/45-million-potentially-impacted-verticalscope-hack Author: Ionut Arghire, Security Week     Here is my longer comment:   LeakedSource writes on their website about a massive breach of VerticalScope.com and all its affiliated websites from February 2016. However, neither VerticalScope.com nor any of the websites mentioned in the LeakedSource page mention anything related to a hack. Even if denial of a breach is not something unseen before, after reading the Summary of the dump on LeakedSource I am starting to see here a pattern:  “Each record may contain an email address, a username, an IP address, one password and in some cases a second password”. This is exactly the same as in the Myspace breach:”Each record may contain an email address, a username, one password and in some cases a second password.” How come that two completely unrelated breaches share the dump format? Could it be that they are converted somehow into a single format before they are put on sale? The assumption regarding the VerticalScope hack is that they used some vulnerable vBulletin software. I have verified this myself and this is why I found on a couple of their websites: Doing a search on “vulnerabilities for vBulletin 3.8.7 Patch Level 3” can…

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