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Paypal phishing w/o hosted HTML files

It is the first time I can see a phishing that doesn’t have a website to store the website ! This email came as a self sustained phishing solution. It is written in HTML and JS and it has a FORM whos action is POST to a website which saves the data. The submit button goes to The website is not randomly chosen 😉 Web Form Designer is a legitimate company that produces such emails … Have a look here: The mail doesn’t have anything special in it. It asks for the usual stuff : CC number, PIN…

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Bye, bye, Blogger!

Finally I decided to remove all the old posts from the blog hosted Blogger and link them to this one. However, I had a problem … Until January 2006, I had all the files hosted by Blogger and from January, I moved them to this blog. Then, in a futile attempt to retrieve the old posts as well and to clean them up from Blogger, I erased the Blog. This blog:  Remember, it is deleted …. really … 🙂 But, because  the files are still hosted by Blogger, the name is somehow … lost in the space. So, I…

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