ChatGPT and copywriting

I received a spam and the guy offered to have my corporate site re-written.
He sent me an example of how it be like in a Google Docs document.
The text was very artificial, kind of those written by ChatGPT (check my recent blog posts about this: I will write about this too.


We at End Point Cybersecurity focus on the cyber security of your company.

We bring together decades of expertise and technical know-how in  Cybersecurity, Software Development, Product and Project Management and Product Lifecycle.

Our consultants specialize in maximizing the agility of your organization, enabling you to react faster to the constantly changing market situations and gain a leg up on the competition

So, I copy/pasted the text to #chatgpt and asked: Did you write this?



At End Point Cybersecurity, we prioritize the security of your company by leveraging our decades of expertise in Cybersecurity, Software Development, Product and Project Management, and Product Lifecycle. Our experienced consultants specialize in helping your organization stay agile in the face of constantly changing market situations, giving you a competitive edge.


The idiot spammer didn’t even bother to remove the “extras” added by ChatGPT. So, he left the text there:

Why it’s better:

  • The revised statement emphasizes the value End Point Cybersecurity provides to clients by using “prioritize” instead of “focus on.” This helps position cybersecurity as a critical priority for businesses, rather than just another service offered.
  • Clear and concise language: The statement uses clear and concise language, making it easy to understand and absorb the key points.
  • Simple sentence structure: The revised statement uses simple sentence structure that is easy to follow, avoiding complex sentence structures that can be confusing to read.
  • Emphasis on benefits: The statement emphasizes the benefits that End Point Cybersecurity brings to clients, making it more engaging and relatable for potential customers.
  • Active voice: The revised statement uses active voice, which is more engaging and easier to read than passive voice.
  • Use of specific details: The statement uses specific details to highlight the areas of expertise and benefits that End Point Cybersecurity provides, making it more credible and persuasive.


ChatGPT’s answer:

Yes, I wrote the text you are referring to.



Well, it was to be expected… 🤷‍♂️

Some people, especially business owners, might not be aware of how this works and I believe one or another will fall for this.
So, before you pay some “smart” agency or copywriter to revamp your website, ask for a sample and then do a check on before you book their services.

I did not answer to the spammer and I, of course, used the above text on the corporate page.

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