Opera Unite and Security

Have a look at the article that Dirk Knopp wrote in the Avira Techblog.

This article was referenced here : http://www.h-online.com/security/Opera-says-Opera-Unite-web-server-is-not-a-security-problem–/news/113719

His concern is that a lot of malware can be now served directly from user’s computer. And he is right.
Even more, if there is a flaw in the Opera and somebody can alter the mini HTTP-Server (why mini, it is a full blown server) then, theoretically, it can access the user’s private files. That’s not good !!!

Here is what the CEO of Opera says:
“Today, we are opening the full potential of the Web for everyone. Technology moves in distinct cycles. PCs decentralized computing away from large mainframes. Opera Unite now decentralizes and democratizes the cloud. With server capability in the browser, Web developers can create Web applications with profound ease. Consumers have the flexibility to choose private and efficient ways of sharing information. We believe Opera Unite is one of our most significant innovations yet, because it changes forever the fundamental fabric of the Web.”

And as reply to our concern in the Blog, he says :
“When you’re hacking a single system, if you have everything that belongs to everyone in one location, you only need to break in once,” he said. “If you have it in different computers it’s a little more complicated. If you get into one Web server and everyone’s data is in there, that’s easier than getting into a million computers.”

Gee…. Mr. Tetzchner , have you ever heard of P2P networks ? What about Botnets ?
Any parallel between the two ?

That’s the whole idea … you have just created probably the biggest botnet that ever existed.
And this with user’s agreement. You have my respect… but I still don’t think that this is a good idea.

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